Audi Company Car Options

An exceedingly compelling model range and highly competitive running costs mean that Audi is now the number one choice for more fleets and drivers. This is backed up by the exceptional and all-encompassing support delivered to you by Sinclair Audi’s dedicated corporate team that is entirely in tune with the needs of today’s business motorists.

Company Car Driver

From the dynamic A1 hatchback to the formidable Q7 SUV, there is an Audi to suit the requirement and budget of every company car driver – each one equipped with the latest driver assistance and communications technologies and engineered to deliver maximum exhilaration with efficiency. Talk to us about the whole life costs of these exceptional cars and we’re confident that your next company car will be an Audi.

Small Business

At Sinclair Audi, we recognise that your time is precious and that’s why we’re always here to help run your business with the same maximum efficiency associated with our cars. Our dedicated small business support service will assist you from the moment of enquiry and throughout your entire ownership including the provision of affordable solutions for funding, servicing and maintenance.

Fleet Manager

An impressive and extensive choice of models achieving outstanding economy and low CO2 emissions, comprehensive service support and an unrivalled understanding of the corporate sector, why choose anyone other than Sinclair Audi as your fleet partner? We’re committed to keeping your business moving and your whole life costs to a minimum, providing expert advice and assistance on everything you need from fleet management to financial planning.

Meet the team

Dedicated to your business requirements.

Charles Phillips

Local Business Development Manager

T – 01792 306620

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