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Sinclair Audi is committed to driving business forward and providing professional support and a premium experience to company car drivers and fleet managers.

The Audi range is now more extensive and efficient than ever before and features models to meet every business requirement.

When selecting their next company car, Audi drivers can savour the hallmarks of style, comfort and performance long associated with our prestige brand together with the latest automotive advances in terms of safety, communications and drive technologies.

For fleet managers, the strong residual values and competitive whole-life costs ensure the Audi line-up makes perfect business sense whilst enhancing the benefits package offered to employees. But it’s not only our cars that can make a genuine contribution to the success of your organisation but our expertise too.

Our Local Business Development Manager (LBDM), based at Swansea Audi, will provide a single point of contact and support for all your business vehicle needs and across a wide range of corporate motoring issues – from selecting models and financial planning to ongoing servicing and maintenance.

We’re here to advise and support you for the entirety of your Audi ownership so please contact us about any of the following:

  • Accurate and reliable market information for drivers and fleet operators
  • Tax information and implications for your business and your drivers
  • Funding methods
  • Car allowances versus company cars
  • Test drives, vehicle demonstrations and comparisons
  • The latest Audi technology
  • Deliveries and handovers
  • Replacement options