Audi e-tron Technology

What is Audi e-tron Technology? Audi, like many other motor vehicle manufacturers today are striving to take progressive technology and blend it with everyday usability by creating the electric driving experience of tomorrow. Audi e-tron vehicles are plug-in electric vehicles, often referred to as PHEV or electric hybrid cars, and use both an electric motor and a conventional petrol or diesel combustion engine. These different power sources are able to work seamlessly independent or in tandem with each other.

This means Audi e-tron hybrids can run purely on the electric motor (ideal for short journeys and city driving), just the combustion engine, or in hybrid mode using both. This ‘best of both worlds’ arrangement offers the driver the performance and reliability of petrol or diesel engines, but with the economy and lower emissions of an electric motor.

Audi e-tron Models

Presently there are two models available in the Audi e-tron range: The A3 Sportback e-tron and the Q7 e-tron. Both of these ground-breaking Audi’s feature unique ‘e-tron’ styling including an e-tron specific front grille, signature LED daytime running lights and a rear bumper and diffuser with no visible exhaust tailpipes.

Charging an Audi e-tron at public charging points

The UK Government supports the continued growth of hybrid and all-electric vehicles on UK roads, and to encourage the uptake it established ‘The National Chargepoint Registry’ (NCR) in 2011. The NCR provides a public database of publicly-funded charge points across the UK and an ever-growing network of public charging points can now be found across the country, enabling drivers to recharge their PHEV & electric hybrid cars during journeys.

Audi e-tron Cars Available Today

There is a wide selection of attractive and affordable finance, lease and upgrade packages available across the entire Audi range. Use the search below to view the new Audi e-tron cars that we physically have in stock at each of our centres in Swansea, Bridgend, and Neyland.

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