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Our hybrid and electric cars

There are now more reasons than ever to make the switch to one of the latest Audi plug-in hybrid or fully electric cars. As well as the forward-thinking systems that build battery charging into every journey, innovative driving systems for safety and control and an ever-growing amount of choice, there is the opportunity to take advantage of various grants and incentives whilst also contributing to the sustainable future of the planet. Go electric. Go Audi.


Discover electric Audi cars

Audi’s electrified portfolio is growing and is expected to number around 30 models by 2025. Discover our current range here – the rapidly-expanding range of plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) models plus the fully electric e-tron and its new Sportback sibling, new Q4 e-tron range and not forgetting the new fully electric Audi e-tron GT – combining electric car efficiency with the legendary performance and aesthetics of Audi Sport.

Electric Audi charging

Wherever your electric Audi takes you, charging certainly isn’t a chore or a concern. The ever-expanding EV charging network and home solutions means charging your car is not only easy but more accessible and convenient than ever before.


Charging an electric vehicle

From plugging in at the shops to recharging overnight, the e-tron is designed to fit your lifestyle. Using AC, or alternating current via a standard UK plug is available from every home, and charging overnight also means you could benefit from cheaper night-time electricity rates, and is probably the method you’ll use most often. However, there is a faster way. Using DC, or direct current from dedicated charging points located at motorway service stations, large retailers and even some work places - Whichever charging method you are using it can be monitored via the green flashing light on the charging access point or through the myAudi app.


Charge at home

If an EV is going to be charged at home every night it’s best to install a wall box with its own separate circuit which will enable a full night of uninterrupted current. Explore how to charge your Audi at home by installing a home wall box.

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Charge on the go

Use dedicated public EV chargers at service stations, supermarkets and even workplaces. You can charge your Audi e-tron while out and about at AC charging stations as well as DC charging stations. The e- tron can be charged to 80% in under 30 minutes and to 100% within 50 minutes. Simply park, plug in, and go shopping or grab a coffee. Your e-tron will soon be suitably charged to continue your journey.

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Electric heart. Technology head.

Every Audi reacts to the road, to the conditions and to you. Electric Audi vehicles are no exception. Discover the latest advances, such as energy recuperation which charges the battery as you drive, and the latest smart connected car technology that links you, your car and your smartphone.


Electric range. And how it behaves.

To make sure your fully electric Audi covers the distance you need, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with practical hints and tips that will help you get the most from every charge. And, if you’re considering an Audi e-tron, you can also use our range calculator ( to see how factoring in driving in different scenarios, the driving mode you choose, the outside temperature and size of your tyres affects the realistic range of your chosen electric Audi.


Download EV&me app

See how an electric Audi could fit into your lifestyle. You can track and view a breakdown of your journeys, compare running costs, learn about the benefits of going electric and more..


e-tron easy guide films

Whether you’re a new e-tron owner or still deciding whether it’s the right car for you, we’ve created 18 short films to help you understand electric vehicles better.

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Is electric right for me?

Efficient and low-emission, fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars offer many advantages. If you’re thinking of making the switch into electric for your next car or company car, we’ve created a simple tool. The tool asks a series of simple questions to help identify which fuel type is right for you, whether fully electric, plug-in hybrid, petrol or diesel. The results will show the vehicles in our range you may wish to consider.

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