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Audi Electric Car Benefits and Government Incentives

Government grants and road tax exemption mean the numbers really add up for Audi e-tron.

The Charging at Work Grant

Your employer could also benefit from installing a charging station if they apply to the Workplace Charging Scheme. It gives them £500 off the cost of installation of electric charging points to encourage more employees to go electric in the future. What’s more, drivers of electric vehicles will not incur a BIK (Benefit In Kind) charge for electricity used at work.

Businesses buying EVs can write down 100% of the purchase price against their corporation tax liability if the vehicle emits no more than 75g/km CO2, (planned to be reduced to 50g/km CO2 from the 2018/19 tax year).

Grants for owning electric.

The UK government is keen for people to take up electric driving and provide a number of incentives. One, called the Plug-In Car Grant, is worth £3,500. Please find further information, here.

Another is the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), a grant of £500 towards the cost of installing selected higher-powered charging wallboxes at home.

Some local authorities also offer the On-Street Residential Charge point Scheme (ORCS), which provides funding towards the cost of installing on-street charging points.

And, cars like the e-tron that are zero-emission are exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty, also known as road tax, in the first year.

Goodbye, congestion fees.

There are various other local benefits to electric driving. In London, for example, electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge & T-Charge (Customers will need to register to the scheme before being exempt from the congestion charge – more information can be found here).

Audi e-tron makes environmental and financial sense.

Also the low – or zero – emissions from electric vehicles will mean lower charges from the Clean Air Zones being implemented across the UK and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London. Drivers can find out more from their local council.

Many local councils offer additional incentives for EV owners, such as reduced-cost Residents’ Parking Permits and/or Green Vehicle Permits that allow free parking in shopping bays and railway stations, access to bus lanes and even free electricity. These offers vary by council across the UK so please get in touch with your local authority to find out more.

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