The Audi e-tron
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The Audi e-tron - Charging Ahead With a New Way to Drive

Miles from home and you’re out of charge. It’s a fear many people have. But with Audi e-tron, that’s a thing of the past. Thanks to an ever-expanding network and easy home solutions, charging your e-tron is no problem – whenever and wherever you are. From plugging in at the shops to recharging overnight, e-tron is designed to fit around your life.

How to charge your e-tron.

AC, or alternating current, is the standard for UK plugs, which means it’s accessible at home, work and at various public charging stations; it’s probably the method you’ll use most often.

However, there is a faster way. DC, or direct current, is a higher voltage and can be found on motorways, at large retailers and even some work places.

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What is home charging?

Like with your mobile phone, putting your e-tron on charge will become second nature. Experts forecast that 60% of charging will take place at home, meaning those who travel short distances may never need to use a public charging station, 30% at work and the remaining 10% at the aforementioned public charging station.

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A word on wallboxes.

The location of your home wall box will depend on the position of your home fuse box or meter n some cases groundworks may be required. Most UK homes have single-phased power, which enables a 7kW wallbox to be installed, while larger homes with three-phase power may be able to host a higher-powered 11kW or 22kW unit.

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Home charging grant.

Financial help is available towards the cost of installing a home wallbox, in the form of a government grant of up to £500.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has introduced an excellent scheme that makes installing an at-home charging station a lot more affordable. With the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) you could receive a £500 grant as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You purchased an OLEV approved fully electric/plug-in hybrid vehicle from the 1st September 2014. – Audi e-tron has the OLEV approval
  • You have off-street parking available at home
  • You use an OLEV-approved installer such as Pod Point - Audi recommends Pod Point to install your home wallbox for you; they will guide you through the entire process and can even apply for the government grant on your behalf

What are the costs?

At home, the average overnight electricity rate is around 14p per kWh. This means that charging your e-tron could cost you as little as 2-3p per mile*. Whilst some public charging stations are free to use, Public charging stations have a greater power output, so the cost of charging publicly will likely be higher than at home, though pricing may vary.

*The range of the vehicle, and therefore the cost per mile will not only depend on the efficient use of the energy from the battery by the vehicle itself, but also on driver behaviour and other non-technical factors such as driving and environmental conditions.

Power. Whenever and wherever.

Thanks to your e-tron charging capabilities and an ever expanding UK network, charging your e-tron is no problem.

Public Charging

You can charge your e-tron while out and about, at AC charging stations that have a Type 2 connector, as well as DC charging stations with a CCS connector (both being the most common in the UK and Europe). The e- tron is capable of charging at up to 11kW AC and at 150kW* DC; at 11kW the e-tron can be fully charged in 8.9 hours** and if using 150kW DC charging stations*, you’ll be able to charge the e-tron to 80% in under 30 minutes and to 100% within 50 minutes**. Park, plug in, grab a coffee; your e-tron will be sufficiently charged to continue your journey.

*150kW fast-charging points will be rolled out in the UK from 2019 onwards, initially on major motorways
**Actual charging time will vary depending on the level of charge in the battery, as well as environmental conditions.

Route planning with charging points.

The e-tron has the capability to link to your smartphone and desktop computer to access the Audi Connect services. New features include the e-tron route planner, for example, that adds extra reassurance to your trips by helping you to plan journeys around charging needs; on the go, or before you head off. You can also check your current charge level and remaining range; as well schedule and remote manage your charging via the myAudi app.

The myAudi app

Charging Networks

The future is electric. Audi e-tron is the smart choice for a convenient, cost-effective drive.

High-powered ionity network.

Audi have partnered with other manufacturers and Shell to form Ionity, a joint venture to create a European high–power charging network. By the end of 2020, Ionity will have installed more than 400 high-performance stations across Europe; 40 stations are currently planned for the UK with more to follow. Initially located along major motorways, Ionity stations will have the capability to charge at an output of up to 350kW - a significant boost to charging times achieved by current electric charging stations. For the Audi e-tron, it means the battery can be recharged to 80% in under 30 minutes and within 50 minutes for a full charge**.

**Actual charging time will vary depending on the level of charge in the battery, as well as environmental conditions.

Charging ahead.

Charging will become even more convenient when the Plug & Charge function becomes available in 2019 at Ionity high- power charging stations. Here, you’ll no longer even need a card - the Audi e-tron will authorise itself and automatically unlock the charging station

Growing Infrastructure.

Today, there are over 19,000 charge points in over 6,500 locations across the UK - and there are more than 45,000 across 16 European countries. And the number of locations is only growing: the UK government has introduced legislation that mandates public charging points at all UK motorway service stations and at large fuel retailers

Find a public charge point with Zap-Map.

Zap-Map helps you find your nearest charging station. It includes information on the different public networks, their charging methods and payment options. EV owners will generally sign up to one or more Charging Networks depending on which providers are in their area/ route. For added convenience we recommend you download the latest Zap Map app.

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