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It's electric, but not as you know it.

The e-tron from £71,560

The Audi e-tron is the most-advanced Audi yet. Fully electric, 5-door SUV with lane departure warning, Pre-sense Front and Basic, and a rear-view camera as standard.

Image includes optional Glacier white, metallic paint, Virtual door mirrors, roof rails and Audi Matrix LED headlights.

The e-tron Launch Edition from £82,310

The special Launch Edition adds even more allure to the already stylish e-tron. 21" alloy wheels, black styling details and full body-coloured bumpers give the car an immediate and dramatic presence.

Many advanced features, such as Matrix LED headlights, come as standard; others include the unique virtual door mirrors, Adaptive Cruise Assist and Comfort remote preconditioning. And for an extra sense of light and spaciousness, there’s a panoramic glass sunroof that displays the skies to all occupants.

Image includes optional Catalunya red, metallic paint and black roof rails.

Electrifying design.

It begins with a streamlined body that not only gives the Audi e-tron a dramatic appearance; flowing contours, aided by optional virtual wing mirrors, lend it exceptional aerodynamics that promote efficiency and an almost silent drive. And, while the octagonal grille clearly marks it as an Audi SUV, special e-tron details, such as a unique light signature, ensures it stands apart.

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Packed with tech.

Every Audi is designed for comfort, safety and performance - e-tron is no exception. Stay glued to the road with quattro all-wheel-drive, illuminate the night using Matrix LED lights, and slot into that last space at the supermarket thanks to self-parking technology.

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Fully charged performance.

With the Audi e-tron, electric efficiency sacrifices nothing to performance; an electric motor at the front and one at the rear jointly produce 300kW of power, propelling this full-sized SUV from 0-62mph in less than 6 seconds. Unlike a combustion-powered vehicle, the acceleration response is almost instant, providing a thrilling sensation at launch.

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*Manufacturer's figures. May not reflect real world driving – actual range may vary as a result of driving mode and style, additional electricity using equipment, load/number of passengers, outside temperature, terrain and other factors. Official EU range figure not yet available – please consult your local retailer for further information.

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