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Audi e-tron Technology

Cameras not mirrors.

For the first time in an Audi production car, the Audi e-tron has the option of virtual door mirrors.

They replace traditional glass mirrors with cameras that stream a view of what’s behind, onto displays mounted within the front doors. Far narrower than standard mirrors, they not only reduce drag, but also help cut the already impressively low wind noise. What’s more, their view is fully adjustable. Focus can be zoomed and moved depending on driving conditions; the result is better all-round visibility and enhanced safety for car and passengers.

Interactive screens.

As well as sensing your immediate surroundings, the Audi e- tron uses the networked intelligence of Audi connect to help you plan trips further afield.

Seamlessly, via the in-car MMI system, the MyAudi smartphone app, or desktop web portal, the e-tron offers a range of Audi connect systems, including the e-tron route planner. It calculates routes showing charging stations, shows their estimated charge times and incorporates these with traffic data to calculate your arrival time. With this easily-planned charging schedule, the e-tron is as suitable for longer trips as it is for everyday use.

B&O surround system.

Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen, the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System takes stereo or 5.1 recordings and conditions it for the unique 3D loudspeakers. In addition, a highly efficient amplifier drives 16 loudspeakers that produce an impressive 705 watts.

With Audi technology, you’re prepared for whatever the road throws at you.

Ready for the road ahead.

Pre-sense 360 warns you of objects out in front, even automatically applying the brakes when required. Whether it’s a pedestrian stepping out, or a car stopping suddenly, Pre-sense will help keep you safe.

Sensing danger.

Cross traffic assist rear warns the you of vehicles approaching from the rear. With progressive visual and audio warnings, it’s a handy feature for when you’re reversing out of tight spaces.

Make the right turn.

Once you’ve indicated left or right, turn assist monitors the road ahead using an array of sensors and scanners. When driving below 10kmh (6.2mph), the system can apply the brakes to prevent your car from straying dangerously into the opposite lane.

Efficient driving.

Efficiency assist works closely with the adaptive cruise control to help you drive pre-emptively, saving fuel in the process. By accessing route data, it can detect traffic signs, other vehicles and hazards. This information is then relayed via the Audi virtual cockpit, instructing you when it’s best to decelerate.

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