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Posted:21 October 2019 | Category: Audi,General

New Audi A1 Citycarver Appears at Frankfurt Motor Show


At Sinclair Audi, we always get excited when the brand releases a new model. One of our favourite things is sharing in the hype among our customers when rumblings of a new vehicle begin and we see fleeting glimpses of what the future holds in store for us and our customers. Our team members are voracious in seeking out new product knowledge, even when it comes to models that have yet to hit the market. It’s all part of what makes us better equipped to inform and educate our customers so that they can make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new vehicle. 

As such, when Audi unveiled their new A1 Citycarver at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month, we couldn’t wait to start telling our customers all about it. Let’s take a look at what has us so excited about this stunning new vehicle…

The Audi A1 Citycarver at a glance

The A1 Citycarver is, of course, strikingly beautiful. The car’s ride height has been slightly increased, the wheels are bigger the exterior stylings have been tweaked to give this new iteration of the A1 a bigger, bolder look. Its grille is larger than previous incarnations and is octagonal rather than hexagonal, lending it a look more akin to the off-road Q-model.

Perhaps that’s an apt visual metaphor since the A1 Citycarver combines the urban aesthetic of a city car with robust off-road capability.  

So, what else is new?

Of course, the Audi A1 Citycarver brings more than a slight facelift to the table. Its higher suspension combined with the 17-inch wheels allow an extra four centimetres of ground clearance.

The A1 Citycarver will be available with a Dynamic package, including a dynamic handling system, sports brake discs, adjustable suspension and optional 18-inch alloy wheels. Audi Drive Select will also be offered separately. An Edition One version will also offer blacked-out chrome and matt details on the exterior, with S-line options inside.

Inside the cabin

Step into the Citycarver and you’ll find a sporty ‘driver-first’ interior with 10.3-inch digital dials and Virtual Cockpit as well as MMI Touch controls to give you easy access to most minor functions from the central touchscreen. Natural voice operation is also believed to control many functions.

The Citycarver has the roomiest cabin we’ve ever seen in an A1 without compromising the sporty aesthetic. The infotainment system is as awesome as you’d expect, too with a B&O stereo system and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available too. Another fun touch is the 30-colour interior LED lighting option.

The extra space makes for a much more generous boot with a 335-litre capacity with the seats up and 1190 litres when they’re down. 

Making the A1 Citycarver your own

The A1 Citycarver will be readily customisable. Customers can choose a roof colour as well as a choice of 11 contrasting exterior paint colours. All interior colours and trims are also fully customisable. It’s clear that the brand wants us to have fun with this one!

Want to know more?

You won’t want to miss out on this exciting model! Get in touch with us today and we’d be delighted to discuss it further and arrange a test drive when it becomes available.