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Posted:22 March 2018 | Category: Audi

Did you see the Audi A6 at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show?

New Audi A6

At this years’ Geneva Motor Show Audi unveiled their new A6 saloon for its first public appearance with mild-hybrid tech making an appearance across the whole range.

The new A6 saloon comes in the shape of a redesign inspired by its big brother A8, with reduced overhangs, a lower stance, and different details scattered around the body all in an attempt to make it look more aggressive and sporty.

What's New on the Outside of the New Audi A6?

2018 Audi A6

Audi’s trademark hexagonal grille is still a feature as you’d expect but this time it is nearly as wide as the A8’s. The A6’s drooping shoulderline and a more coupe-esq roofline helps to tell the two car apart however.

All A6’s in the range will come with LED lights on the front and rear ends, and Audi’s trademark matrix beam and futuristic laser headlights are of course available on models further up the range. Models with higher specifications will also feature light animations that we are used to seeing on the luxury A8, when locked and unlocked.

S-Line models get a unique bumper fitment which also sit at 10mm lower than the normal ride height, while wheel sizes are to range from between 17 and 21-inches dependent on which model you go for.

New Audi A6 Interior and Tech

Geneva Motor Show Audi A6

Despite the new lower stance the roof is actually taller than it was before which will benefit passenger space. In fact, Audi claim the new interior is actually 21mm longer, with the main benefits coming in the form of legroom in the rear. The new A6 as you’d expect is marginally larger than the old model by 7mm length ways and 12mm larger in wheelbase.

Like the exterior, the interior also carries over features that were first demonstrated on the A8 such as the MMI Touch control system. The standard A6 model will use the more basic eight-inch display while cars with the MMI Navigation spec will utilize a larger 10.1 inch upper screen display for the infotainment features plus an 8.6 inch lower display for your climate control.

Audi’s new virtual cockpit display also comes as standard, whilst further tech includes a navigation system that self-learns using data from a service provider to figure out your most driven routes so it can work out the best journey for you to take.

Engines and Performance on the New Audi A6

The new Audi A6 range becomes the first of the executive car category to have mild-hybrid technology integrated across its complete engine range. The entry level four cylinder engines are to use a modest 12v system that has a belt driven starter-generator which kicks in while the car is still moving up to 14mph. It’s also able to coast between 35 and 100mph with the engine switching off when the driver lifts off the car’s accelerator and instantly restarting when needed.

Going further up the engine range the V6 engines will use a smarter, more powerful 48v system which is partnered with a lithium ion battery that can store energy when decelerating. The benefits of this is that it can lessen the consumption of fuel and also means it will emit less CO2, roughly 10g/km.

On launch the initial engine range will comprise of a 201bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, two 3.0-litre V6 diesels that will produce 228bhp and 286bhp, and a 335bhp 3.9 V6 petrol engine, all of which will be coupled only to automatic gearboxes.

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