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Posted:17 January 2020 | Category: Audi,General

Audi Celebrate 25 Years of the RS - Racing Sport Badge with Special Editions

6 Audi RS parked in an industrial setting to celebrate 25 years of of the RS - Racing sport badge with special editions

The Audi RS badge is synonymous with Audi’s high-performance variants of its A and Q models. It stands for the German “Rennsport” - literally, “Racing Sport.” The Audi RS line dates back to 1994 when the vehicle marque launched the RS 2 Avant, a special edition derived from the Audi 80, the predecessor to today’s Audi A4 models.

Audi is celebrating 25 years of its RS tradition by producing a limited number of exclusive “Anniversary Package” models. Available to buy from Sinclair Audi’s South Wales branches in Bridgend, Neyland, and Swansea, customers can order a TT RS Coupe, RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe & Sportback, RS 6 Avant, or a RS 7 Sportback. Each model is available in Nogaro Blue and can sport blue interior Alcantara elements as a tribute to the original RS 2 Avant.

Audi RS 2 Avant - The Birth of Audi Racing Sport

The year 1994 saw Audi’s launch of the high-performance Audi RS 2 Avant. A five-door estate car, the RS 2 Avant was a joint venture with Porsche. It featured a 311 bhp 2.2 20v turbocharged engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission that could propel the car from 0-62 mph in a mere 4.8 seconds.

Although much of the components came from Audi, it was Porsche that developed and built the RS 2 Avant in their Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany. Audi’s RS 2 Avant also featured Porsche-developed brakes and suspension, foregoing the original Audi 80 components.

There is no denying that the Audi RS 2 Avant is a powerful yet practical car. It also set the stage for Audi to take on high-performance competitors, such as Mercedes-AMG and BMW M models. From a technical perspective, the Audi RS 2 Avant, and indeed all RS models, can be categorised as supercars.

25th Anniversary Models - Too Good to Resist

The Audi RS 2 Avant is still an eye-catching, high-performance machine today as it was 25 years ago. To help celebrate the launch of the Audi Racing Sport line and to pay homage to the RS 2 Avant, Audi has produced a limited run of 25th Anniversary special editions that you can order here at Sinclair Audi in South Wales.

Each anniversary model is available in Nogaro Blue, the colour used on the RS 2 Avant. It’s also possible to specify a different colour if you wish, such as Mythos Black, Nardo Gray, and Glacier White.

The exterior of each 25th Anniversary TT RS Coupe, RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupe & Sportback, RS 6 Avant, and RS 7 Sportback combines a matt aluminium look with gloss black. Meanwhile, the interior is mainly black yet features cobalt blue accents in Alcantara on the floor mats and the steering wheel.

Inside the 25th Anniversary models, you will also find a unique “25 Years” logo on the seats, floor mats, and door trims.

If you’d like a chance to own an exclusive Audi RS 25th Anniversary model, contact Sinclair Audi by calling or visiting us at our South Wales branches in Bridgend, Neyland, and Swansea.