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Posted:13 July 2021 | Category: Audi

Audi e-Tron: Everything you Need To Know

Front side view of a dark grey Audi e-Tron parked outdoors

Audi e-Tron Everything About | Price Range Battery Maintain Cost

Audi is by far one of the most popular auto manufacturers in the world, producing affordable luxury cars that have long been sought after by drivers. The e-Tron is a fully electric car that offers drivers an experience like no other, with a high range and plenty of additional features to get drivers excited. But what exactly is the Audi e-Tron and what does it have to offer?

About The Audi e-Tron

As Audi’s flagship electric vehicle, the e-Tron has brought much excitement to the auto industry. Unlike many of the other electric cars on the market, the e-Tron has been specifically designed to provide a driving experience that feels akin to a regular petrol or diesel car. Of course, though, it is far better for the environment. Three main bodies are available for the e-Tron; a regular hatchback/SUV, a Sportback model, and a GT variant. Alongside this, many of these bodies can have their own packages installed, giving you loads of opportunities to tailor your e-Tron to your needs. This article will explore the features that come in these packs later, but let’s take a look inside the cabin, first.

Inside The e-Tron Cabin

Like all Audis, the e-Tron has an interior that has been designed with luxury in mind. Premium materials like leather and metal can be found throughout, with each piece of the trim feeling sturdy and well-built. Depending on the model you choose, your car will come with either comfortable or sporty seats, but all of them have been made to the same exacting standards. Alongside luxury, the cabin inside the Audi e-Tron is packed with modern technology. A digital screen replaces instruments like your speedo, giving you the chance to customise the information you receive when you are driving. Alongside this, two large touchscreens can also be found in the centre console. This car’s interior offers a spacious 660 Litres capacity without making the car massive, making it great for those who like to travel and don’t want to leave anything at home.

The Features

Audi is well-known for producing cars that are packed with advanced and modern features, and the e-Tron is no exception to this rule. The standard base model comes with plenty of excellent tools and technology, but you can also choose loads of extras to add to your car. Let’s take a look at the options you have.

e-Tron Standard Features

The standard e-Tron comes with a 230 kW engine that boasts a top speed of 118mph, enabling this mid-sized car to reach 62mph in less than 7 seconds. This will be more than powerful enough for most drivers. As for equipment, the e-Tron is packed to the brim with exciting standard features. A digital touchscreen and sat-nav are included, along with a DAB digital radio and the ability to connect your smartphone to your car. The e-Tron also features keyless locking and entry, an alarm system, and a boot lid that can open and close itself.

Unlike many cars on the market, the e-Tron comes with parking assist as standard. It also includes automatic braking and cruise control, along with a multi-function camera that can improve your visibility as you drive. A slew of safety features can also be found on this vehicle, offering standard options like reverse parking sensors and lane departure detection. The steering wheel comes with all of the controls you need to keep your car’s entertainment system under full control.

e-Tron Additional Extras

Alongside its standard features, the e-Tron is also equipped with a wide range of additional extras that come with the various models available. The standard 230 kW engine can be replaced with a 300 kW option, boosting your top speed to 124 mph and reducing the time it takes to reach 62 mph by more than a second. You can choose to add the “Comfort and Sound Pack” to this car, and this means that you will benefit from a Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System, RGB LED lighting inside the vehicle, a 360-degree camera, and more. All of these options can be added separately, though buying the pack will enable you to save some money.

The “Tour Pack” is an alternative to the “Comfort and Sound Pack”, offering features that are designed to make driving long distances safer. This includes features like adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and collision avoidance assistance, along with a range of other features that will improve your time on the road. As for the other equipment you can add, Audi’s virtual door mirrors are an extremely popular choice, giving you access to camera-based mirrors that offer far more than traditional mirrors do. Remote pre-conditioning can be added to give you the power to prepare the climate in your car before you even unlock the doors.

You can add a lot to the e-Tron’s external features. The e-Tron, e-Tron Sportback, and e-Tron GT all have different body shapes, but it doesn’t stop here. You can also choose to add privacy glass to your rear windows, make the exterior trim glossy and multi-toned, and add a roof rack for extra storage. This car comes with a spare wheel and toolkit, but you can also upgrade to include a jack with your kit.

Charging & Range

Electric cars are great, giving you the chance to avoid having to queue at petrol stations to fuel up. Of course, though, charging your car and ensuring that it has enough range can be a challenge when batteries are your only power source. Thankfully, the Audi e-Tron uses the most popular charging cable/port in Europe; Type-2 (mode 3). This makes it easy to charge your vehicle while out and about.

e-Tron Charging Service

Audi offers a contract-based charging service for their fully electric cars. This gives you access to thousands of charging points across Europe, and you can choose a package that suits your driving habits the best. You will need your own Type-2 cable for this, but you can easily pick one of these up online. Alongside the charging service, you will also be able to use third-party charging stations that also feature a Type-2 connection. You may have to pay for services like this, though it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to offer this service for free. It will take around 30 minutes to reach 80% of your e-Tron’s capacity using a high-speed public charger like this, though this may be slower if the charger you use doesn’t offer 150 kW DC charging.

Charging At Home

You can also choose to charge your e-Tron at home if you want to. This will require a dedicated charging unit, and these tend to be much slower than those found in business settings. For example, it will usually take around 7-hours for a full charge using a standard home charging unit. It will cost an average of 5.5p per mile in the UK if you choose to charge your e-Tron at home; great value compared to a conventional car.

e-Tron Range

The standard e-Tron comes with an estimated driving range of 222 miles, while the Sportback version of the car is likely to only get about 218 miles. This is solid for an EV in this class, especially when you consider the work that Audi has done to make it easy to charge your e-Tron no matter where you go.

Connecting To Your e-Tron

As the last major feature to look at, it’s time to look at the myAudi app. Developed to make life easier for drivers, this app gives you full control of your car, even when you aren’t sat inside it. You can see your battery level and change the temperature inside your car, while also having access to the documentation that came with the vehicle. But it doesn’t stop here. Alongside being able to monitor your car, you can also connect your phone to the e-Tron while you are driving. This enables you to turn your in-car entertainment system into a direct duplicate of what you see on your phone. This feature is limited to ensure that you are safe, but it can make it much easier to use your phone without making your driving illegal or risky.

Is The Audi e-Tron Worth It?

The Audi e-Tron is a great car with loads of excellent features, making it a good choice for those who are looking for a luxury EV. The base model starts at around £62,025, while the most expensive variant, the RS e-Tron GT, will set you back £111,900. Considering the features that come as standard with these vehicles and the fact that they are fully electric, these prices stack up nicely against companies like Tesla. Of course, though, the e-Tron comes with the benefit of being built by a company with over a century of experience. This means that you can be confident that your car will last for a long time, while also offering everything you need to enjoy journeys for years to come.

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