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Posted:18 February 2020 | Category: Audi,Technology

Does Audi Have a Hybrid Car?

Audi electric car charging with e-tron

Audi is well-known for being a mover and shaker in the automotive world, and with there being such a focus on Hybrid vehicles, or electric cars these days, does Audi have the range to drive the new environmentally focused change forward? Well actually, some of their most trusted and well-lobbed models are available in Hybrid or full electric options, and this means that Audi is now a big contender in this field. But what vehicles are available in the Hybrid and Electric vehicle range? Here is some of the information you might need to help you decide. 

There is a lot to choose from

The Audi plug-in hybrid range has expanded, and it includes SUV models and luxury sedans to help keep you moving. You will find the Audi Q5, A6, A7  as part of the range as Audi is expanding its range of plug-in-hybrids as part of an environmentally friendly approach to motoring in the future. Depending on the model series, there is a choice of two variants. Both of which have different performance and equipment. There is a comfort model to give you all the luxury you need. There is also a sporty configuration with S line scopes. Giving you a more tightly tuned suspension and drive setup. This can then give the driver a boost in performance of the electric motor for more dynamic handling. From now on, the new plug-in hybrid models carry the “TFSI e” signet and the “e-tron” label will remain reserved exclusively for electrically driven cars. This will allow customers and the general public to distinguish between hybrid vehicles and fully electric vehicles within the range. 

What’s new?

The Audi plug-in hybrid vehicle range, or the Audi PHEV range promises to be dynamic, new and exciting for the driving experience as well as stylish in looks. With Audi already playing a huge part within the automotive sector, there is no surprise that the hybrid vehicle range is getting spruced up to come in as competition for some of the more established hybrids on the market. 

Driving in electric only mode gives you all the benefits within the inner city, without the worry of running out of range on longer journeys. While on the go, customers can charge the new plug-in hybrid models conveniently thanks to a charging service owned by Audi. Audi has the e-tron Charging Service. This grants access to a large number of public charging stations in 16 European countries on request. Enabling customers peace of mind while out that they will always be able to keep on moving. 

In conclusion

When it comes to the Audi Hybrid car range, the best thing about this is that you are not losing the luxurious feel and expert driving experience that all customers have grown to love from the manufacturer. You have the enjoyment of driving an Audi, be that in the comfort or the sporty variant, and still enjoy the maximised power from the engines available. The all electric option and hybrid versions give you great flexibility when driving. It is just a case of deciding which model is right for you.

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