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Posted:18 March 2019 | Category: New models

Audi Launches Four New Plug-in Hybrids

audi q5

Audi AG has announced the arrival of not one but four new plug-in hybrids in its bid to further stamp its presence as an innovator and leader of the modern hybrid marketplace. The four models, badged under the TFSI e umbrella, will be made available to the public later in 2019 and are destined to be a major hit with eco-conscious drivers that still wish to enjoy their time behind the wheel.

The four plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models are called the Q5, A6, A7 and A8 while all have some fantastic features to offer. Hybrid heaven awaits.

Formidable Versatility for Hybrid Hungry Drivers

Joining the hybrid revolution is something many drivers have consciously wanted to do in recent times, and the new line of Audi plug-in vehicles is sure to encourage thousands to make the switch.

A lack of options, particularly regarding powerful and stylish models has been a longstanding problem for the hybrid market but Audi’s offerings will have something for everyone. The Q5, A6 and A7 are available as either 50 TFSI e or 55 TFSI e. This gives drivers the option of a 2l turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine-electric motor combo (291bhp and 450NM), or a 3l V6 engine-electric motor combo (357 bhp and 500Nm).

The three models have four-wheel drive and the S-tronic seven-speed twin-clutch associated with Audi. Meanwhile, the new A8 has a 60 TFSI, which delivers 436bhp and 700NM of torque via the V6 engine-electric motor setup.

With all four models providing an electric-only distance of over 40km too, they are among the most efficient on the market too. Audi has long delivered style, luxury, and fun driving. They can now emphatically add green driving to the mix.

Guilt-Free Driving That You’ll Actually Enjoy

Once the initial buzz of buying a new car and driving an eco-friendly vehicle wear off, you still need to have an enjoyable driving experience. Audi is very aware of this and the new range of plug-in vehicles takes those sentiments to previously unseen heights.

Drive models include Comfort, Efficiency, Auto, and Dynamic, putting you in full control of how the chosen hybrid performs on any given journey. The cars also use a driving system that resembles the all-electric e-tron and effectively recovers up to 80kW of energy when braking. Meanwhile, the virtual cockpit and MMI display show power meters and energy flows.

The performance is as strong as any comparable Audi model, making these some of the most enjoyable cars on the market. When coupled with the leather interiors, advanced infotainment, and array of cabin features synonymous with the German manufacturer, there’s no doubt that the new range will instantly drive its way to the top table of the hybrid market.

Learn More Today

Whether you wish to learn more about the TFSI e models all the e-tron itself, Sinclair Audi are here to help. We can even book you in for a test drive and pre-order any model for when it hits the market. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today or get in touch here.