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Posted:23 March 2021 | Category: Audi,New models

Audi Q5 & A7 Plug-ins: Bigger Batteries and More Range

Silver Audi Q3 parked beside sea

Audi Hybrids are known for their sleek designs and incredible battery. The performance and efficiency of the Audi innovation is popular for being a reliable yet exciting to drive for personal use or business use. The plug in hybrid requires effective charging times to ensure that they are charged well. You can charge these overnight or in between travelling throughout the day. When the charging routine is done correctly, then you will notice that the hybrids will work immaculately.

Sinclair Audi is based in South Wales who are the official Audi dealerships to provide all the needs for all Audi’s cars. If you are in need of a reliable place for servicing and MOT testing then this is the best place to take the weight off your shoulders that it is looked after. At Sinclair, there are loads of new and approved used Audi’s in addition to their mobility cars to ensure that everything you need is in one place.

Recently Audi has improved their batteries so they are bigger and provide a better ride for all. The Q5 and A7 Plug-in Hybrid both give you a lot more miles as well as zero-emissions which is becoming a massive part of a car choosing process to do our bit for the environment whilst being cheaper to run due to it being all-electric power.

The Audi Q5 hybrid is the first SUV in the hybrid range which is perfect for a family car. It has a whopping 465 litres of boot space that will hold anything from prams to shopping, with the addes ease of five comfortable seats which are very roomy. The battery is insane compared to others which has been a massive selling point for its 26 mile electric range which is combined with the WLTP.

Red Audi A7 Side Angle

When it comes to the Audi A7, it is more of a sport, fun looking car which will not fail to impress you and the people around you. Its improved battery with the full technology compliments that fantastic, sleek exterior. The electric range is around 28-31 miles which is incredible. Even though it has all the fancy design mixed with the improved battery it is not lacking in any area.

With both the Audi Q5 and A7 you will find the same electric motor with the impressive 14.1kWH battery feature. The four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines are unique to these designs to ensure they stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a vehicle that can fit the whole family in which is perfect for a run around then the Q5 is the best option for you to fit everything you need for every occasion. Whereas the A7 is a sporty design which offers a heap of fun and luxurious feel with its Fancy interior design with all the gadgets you could wish for. With plug in hybrids becoming more and more popular for protecting the environment and zero emissions, the Audi Q5 and A7 are great options to match your lifestyle.