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Posted:20 April 2021 | Category: Audi,Future models

Audi Q6 e-tron Arriving in 2022

New Audi Q6 E-Tron Prototype Vehicle

It’s been confirmed by Markus Duessman, the boss at Audi, that the new Audi Q6 e-tron electric SUV will be making its dynamic debut in 2022. It’s one that’s based on the Volkswagen Group’s PPE architecture and this is something that Audi is co-developing with Porsche.

The Audi Q6 e-tron arrives in 2022

It’s the first of Audi’s models to sit on the PPE architecture, sharing its technical elements with the all-electric Porsche Macan. There will be more than 20 electric cars that Audi is launching by 2025. This is an incredible amount of electric cars that will hopefully contribute to the wider availability of electric cars before petrol and diesel cars cease production by 2030.

Audi's target for electric cars is that one third of its sales will be all-electric by 2025 and that this model will be a driving force in order for Audi to achieve this goal with much success.

What to expect from the Q6 e-tron

With rapid charging at up to 350 kW, a range of more than 300 miles will be possible when it comes to this vehicle and its use with the PPE platform. The entry-level e-tron GT had 469bhp and that’s likely something that’s going to be similar with this latest model too.

There will likely be an increased cabin space and the charging point is found towards the rear where the usual fuel cap would be placed. The heavily camouflaged appearance of the vehicle at Audi’s annual conference in 2021, makes it difficult to pick out any finer details when it comes to the rest of the car’s exterior and interior. However, you can tell that the headlights are the final choice, whereas the rears are prototypes.

It’s certainly an interesting one and definitely a vehicle that will be worth keeping an eye on in 2022.

Production and future projects

The vehicle will go into production at Audi’s Ingolstadt factory next year, taking out all the existing equipment at the assembly line to accommodate the necessary additions that come with the PPE platform.

There will be a development of the in-house battery assembly facility which will also be in the vicinity of the car assembly too. Audi has confirmed that the ‘Project Artemis’ model will launch in 2024 and this will be a car that is directed towards the luxury sector. This will also be a car that drives the development of future electronic vehicle architecture, the technologies available and the operating systems too.

Audi’s dedication to rolling out a number of cars over the coming years is exciting and it’s great to see more manufacturers taking the steps toward electric cars at a faster pace. The approach of 2030 and the removal of diesel and petrol vehicles has likely sped it up a lot quicker than initially expected.

When the time comes, Sinclair Audi will offer both new and used cars so that if you do fancy getting your hands on the Q6 e-tron, it’s likely to be available here.