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Posted:08 February 2019 | Category: Audi,General

How Much is an Audi R8?

audi r8

When you experience the Audi R8, you experience what performance feels like. Striking design, exclusive equipment highlights, and technologies that have been tested and deployed successfully by Audi make this new vehicle a statement for individual sportiness. It doesn't matter which way that you look at it; the Audi R8 is a high-performance sports car that mixes power and aesthetics for a new generation of the car that simply impresses.

The Design

Hotter than ever, the new Audi R8 has had a comprehensive update with modified suspension components and more dynamic handling. With the distinctive interior design, there is no other Audi on the market that is as close to racing as the Audi R8. From the moment you look at it, you can see the character of the R8 has been honed to perfection, with the Single frame radiator grille boasting a more extensive, flatter line.

There are thick bars that divide up the large air inlets, and the horizontal slits that lay through the hood remind you of the Audi Ur Quattro brand icon. It's the most every day of the most everyday supercars, and it has the best cabin of all supercars on the market. It's spacious, with a broad shelf behind the seats and the headroom that gives you a sense of space because of the windscreen, which is far off.

The whole interior screams luxury, drawing your attention to the steering and the dash - which is entirely digital. The execution of the interior materials and design takes the Audi R8 above and beyond anything else, including the Porsche 911. The cabin is design-led, but this is a sports car, which means that it's not as easy to see out of like a 911, but it's every bit as comfortable, and it just works.

The Drive

Rivals of the R8, such as the AMG GT and the 911 GT3, does not have the duality that the R8 boasts. The other options don't come close to the usability and everyday larks that you can get from the Audi R8. It's not incredibly noisy, as some sports cars are, and this is due to the mid-mounted V10; it's calm, tractable and purrs nicely and is steady on the road.


When you buy a luxury supercar, you can expect a supercar price tag and the Audi R8 OTR Price ranges between £119,085 -£147, 765. For the 562bhp version, you can expect to outlay £128,000 with the Performance costing up to £15,000 more, and the Spyder £9,000 more. The running costs aren't enormous, but the residuals are!

This is a complete car, and it looks fantastic. Every 250 miles you'll be stopping to fill up, but when it comes to the initial cost, you can always find a finance option. Contact Sinclair Audi in South Wales. You can discuss your finance options for the Audi R8 while also getting some information on any finance deals that could be available to you. They have official Audi dealerships located in Bridgend, Neyland and Swansea.