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Posted:11 December 2017 | Category: Audi

What is the best used sports car I can buy?

Are you looking for a smart, efficient and above all else, enjoyable sportscar to drive to your hearts content? Maybe you are planning to buy a pre-owned or second-hand model and are doing your research to try and find a used sportscar that delivers everything you’d need from a sporty, exciting and good-looking vehicle? Well, thankfully we have the answer to your question – the best used sportscar that money can buy.

Now, at Sinclair Audi we are bound to be a bit biased towards Audi’s – they’re in our blood, after all. However, we’re not the only ones – industry geniuses and review experts WhatCar? love Audis just as much – as we can see with the results of their recent used car awards.

So, what car did they vote the ultimate used car of the year 2018?

The Audi R8 (2007-2015) is this years Used Car of The Year

In a competitive market (we’re tempted to think that sportscars nowadays are better and more exciting than they have been for decades), the V8 or V10 R8 tops the list for the best used sports car you can buy. Firstly, it’s a stunner, and secondly, it’s a sensible-but-fun purchase that ticks a whole lot of boxes for fans of future classics and sportscars alike.

The Used Audi R8 is the best used sports car you can buy

Here are some of the key reasons that WhatCar? awarded it this impressive accolade.

A used Audi R8 comes at just the right price

Ok, so an R8 is never going to be the cheapest sportscar on the market – but you’re not looking for the cheapest, you’re looking for the best.

Side on shot of the award-winning Audi R8

WhatCar? reckon the prices of these models are close to bottoming out – which means that now is a great time to get a bargain that should then start going up in value in years to come – especially if you treat your R8 with the car and attention it deserves.

That means that the R8 is a viable “investment” option – appealing to both your wallet and your heart.

A second-hand R8 is a genuine supercar

The Audi R8 is the car that muddied the waters between sportscar and supercar like no car before or after has. It’s engine (especially the meaty mouthful that is the V10 Audi R8) has the pace you’d expect from a supercar (518 BHP in the V10 and 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds even in the V8!), and the looks are nothing short of worthy of being driven by Iron Man.

That said, it is still a sports car in its purest form because it is manageable to drive. You don’t have to feel like the car is just waiting for it’s opportunity to kill you, like you do in some “traditional” supercars – you will always feel confident in it’s handling and ability on the road. The ideal combination.

The Audi R8 is still truly exciting to drive

Why is the Audi R8 the best used sports car?

Whilst all that clever Audi tech and German engineering means that the car has balance, exceptional handling and grip, don’t take that to mean that it isn’t exciting to drive. In fact, because it’s AWD it’s fun and enjoyable in conditions that would make ay other supercar owner wince.

Even better, everything it does, from the sound to the interior, comes with an undefinable sense of drama. You’ll find that it scintillates your senses in way that easily makes it deserving of being the “Used Sports Car of the Year 2018”.

Interested in having a test drive in an R8? Why not get in touch and book one today - you'll never look back.