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Posted:18 January 2018 | Category: Audi

What Is The Best Luxury SUV To Buy Second Hand?

It can be incredibly difficult to find the best SUV at an affordable, second hand price. That’s why, here at Sinclair Audi, we’ve found the perfect SUV to fit your needs!

For an SUV that keeps 56% of its showroom value after 3 years, the Audi Q7 is the very best second hand car for all needs!

Audi Q7

Why The Q7?

As the second generation Q7 begins to filter into the used car spectre, car buyers will start to see more of this impressive Audi model. Yet why pick this SUV over its Range Rover and Porsche rivals? To start with, this premium car is riddled with quality, both in its interior and exterior design, polished off with the Audi SUV trademark silver edging of the cabin. The three-dimensional grille and LED lights (available on S Line models) add to the smooth and effective performance of the car, making it striking to all onlookers. As a top bracket car, the Q7 has good depreciation, so even at a second-hand rate, you will still get an amazing vehicle, with the benefit that you won’t pay overly expensive prices for insurance!

Efficiency And Reliability

Whilst many SUVs are known for their fuel guzzling abilities, the Audi Q7 is remarkably efficient for its class. This characteristic is enhanced by the cars MLB platform which on models produced from 2015 onwards, changed the cars construction by using more aluminium, consequently cutting 325kg making the car lighter and more agile than ever before! The Q7’s were created with a choice of engines, with either 2 TDI diesels with 218PS and 272PS, or a plug-in hybrid Etron, ensuring the car saves fuel, particularly useful when utilising the Quattro system which allows the four wheel-driving car to haul heavy loads with its 295litre boot space, through muddy fields and slippery tracks.

Audi Q7

Why Sinclaur Audi

At Sinclair Audi, we ensure all our second hand cars are in just as good condition as one of our brand new vehicles!

To ensure our customers have ultimate peace of mind, we carry out a grand total of 145 checks and tests before you set off in your new car. We then provide a 30 day exchange plan and warranty that includes roadside assistance, along with the assurance that your car is fit and healthy when we give you a full service history, mileage checks, and key insurance to drive home with!

Our staff are eager to match you with your perfect SUV by giving you a friendly and helpful customer experience. Whether you want to outright by your nearly-new car, opt for one of our finance deals, or part-exchange your old car, we will ensure you get your new keys with MOT protection, to ensure your new second-hand Audi Q7 is affordable.

View our latest used Q7 SUVs online here, and contact your local dealership to enquire for more information!

Audi Q7 Lights