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Posted:05 April 2019 | Category: New models

Should I Buy an Audi A3 or A4?

Should I buy an A3 or an A4

Whenever new Audi cars are released, people are rushing to buy them. They simply make fantastic vehicles that are unlike any others on the market. There’s a car for everyone, with the small A1 all the way up to the monstrous Q8.

But there are two models that most people find it hard to choose between; the A3 and the A4. Visually speaking, they look similar, and they’re almost the same size. So, which one should you buy? Well, the best way to find out is by taking a look at each car:

Audi A3

Right away, the Audi A3 has the advantage of being the less expensive version of the two cars. We sell brand new ones from £22,720, with finance options beginning at £249 per month. In comparison, the A4 starts at £29,255 or £299 a month. So, if you have a strict budget, then the A3 could be the better option based on price alone.

Looks wise, the A3 is typically stunning, and you’ve got a nice compact saloon on your hands. You can upgrade to a more spacious A3 Sportback, but the standard saloon still has enough room for 4 or 5 passengers and a boot full of shopping. There are four doors as well, so it’s nice and easy for the back passengers to get in and out.

When it comes to performance, the A3 has around 186 bhp and feels very quick when you put your foot down. It’s easy to drive, you always feel in control, and there’s your usual Audi safety technology to help prevent accidents.

Audi A4

So, the price may be higher, but you do get an extra layer of luxury with the A4. This is the main difference between the two; the interior is far more refined and provides you with more of an executive feel than the A3.

Furthermore, while the two vehicles look similar sizes, the A4 does have more space in the back for passengers to feel comfortable, along with a larger boot as well. So, if you need the space, then this might be better for you.

The A4 has very similar performance specs to the A3, with a tiny bit more horsepower in the standard version (190 bhp). But you don’t really notice a difference if you were to drive the two right after one another. The only performance difference is that the A4 ends up being a little bit more fuel efficient, so you could theoretically save more money on fuel when owning one.

Which one should you buy?

So, should you buy the Audi A3 or the Audi A4? Mainly, it comes down to price; do you want to pay a little bit extra for a car that’s more luxurious and has more space? Yes, you get some added fuel efficiency, which is always very helpful. If you need a spacious car for a 4 or 5-person family, then the A4 could be more comfortable. If you want a slightly less expensive car that still looks gorgeous and comes with advanced features and excellent performance, then the A3 might be right for you.

Either way, we can help you get the keys to one of these brand-new Audi cars. Pay one of our dealerships a visit and you’ll learn more about both the A3 and A4 as one of our experienced salespeople can help you make the right decision.