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Posted:26 April 2018 | Category: Audi

What & How Can I Charge An Audi E-Tron Electric Car?

The first fully electric Audi proposes a glimpse into a quick, eco-friendly, and sporty Audi, like never before with a completely electrically powered sports car.

But how easy is it to run an electric Audi e-tron?

We have all the answers you need!

Audi e-tron

Home Charging

When you get an electric Audi car, you need to ensure that you know where to charge it, to ensure you can keep driving for up to 310 miles. The best way to do this is by having a charge point in your home!

85% of EV charging is done at a driver’s home or workplace, as it is easier for you to recharge you eco-car overnight, or whilst you’re in your office. You can get yourself a dedicated home charging unit, which will stop you from having to queue or pay at a petrol station. An added bonus of a home charging unit is that the Audi A3 e-tron qualifies for the Governments electric car grant, which means you can get £4,500 off a new electric car as well as a grant of up to £500 to cover the cost of the installations when using accredited suppliers.

Audi e-tron

Electric Charging At Work

If you’re considering getting an electric car but you aren’t sure how you will power your commute to and from work, then there is an easy solution! A £300 workplace grant is provided by the Government for each charging socket, to encourage businesses to install charging points in their workplace. With this grant, you can make your commute cheaper and greener!

Public Charging Points

Public charging points are a great way to keep your electric Audi charged when you’re out and about! These charging points are publically funded and allow you to fuel up whether you’re out shopping or at a service station, thanks to the National Chargepoint Registry (NCR). If you’re unsure of where you can charge-up, websites like Zap Map which can help you locate points in your area! The only downside however, is that you can expect to pay for your Audi e-tron to reach full charge, and these prices may vary. So to save yourself some money, charge up over night!

Audi A3 e-tron

The Audi E-Tron Range

At Sinclair Audi, our Audi e-tron range includes the A3 Sportback e-tron and the Q7 e-tron, which offer you progressive technology to improve your future driving experiences. The signature e-tron styling signifies the range from any other of Audi’s models, with the autograph front grille and sleek LED daytime running lights.

To find out more about the e-trons at Sinclair Audi, click here.

Audi e-tron