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Posted:17 July 2019 | Category: Audi,General

Find Out About Audi Connect MMI Infotainment

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Audi's MMI infotainment system was first introduced way back in 2001, but has seen major upgrades and overhauls in the years since. The latest generation started to appear in the German manufacturer's best models in 2015 and remains one of the most advanced infotainment facilities on the planet.

Here's all you need to know about the Audi Connect MMI infotainment system and how it can improve your comfort behind the wheel for many years to come.

What Exactly Is Audi Connect?

Audi Connect is a term that essentially defines all features that connect a vehicle to their drivers, the internet, and transport infrastructure including other cars on the road. While the core of this manifests through the infotainment system hardware, new software and Apps are developed and added to the facilities each year.

The infotainment system includes an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used by up to 8 devices with download speeds of up to 100MB/s. This connection is made through an LTE/UMTS module. The Audi Connect system also provides drivers with traffic updates, voice control, social media integration and read-aloud functions.

The Audi MMI Connect App

The MMI Connect App is an additional feature that can be downloaded by drivers free of charge. It App provides drivers with a range of extra benefits and functions that can take their comfort, convenience, and enjoyment to a whole new level.

Some of the most noteworthy features of the MMI Connect App include:

  • Web Radio and Media Library, which offers instant access to over 3,000 radio stations as well as personal music libraries.
  • Online media streaming that allows drivers to stream from their favourite media services with an uninterrupted service.
  • Calendar syncing that allows the user to transfer their smartphone's calendar and schedule to the car for added organisation.
  • Remote functions such as status reporting on the car and locking the doors, which can be controlled via smartphone or Apple TV.
  • Geofencing and security features that alert you when the Audi has been moved by a third-party of been interfered with.

Essentially, the Audi MMI Connect App helps to enhance the driving experience inside the car as well as the relationship with the vehicle when you're at home or business. 

Additional Features

The Audi Connect infotainment system can be enhanced with the Audi Connect SIM for Europe, which is permanently installed in the car to provide additional data when WIFI facilities aren’t available. This is most likely to be used by those that complete a lot of international travel.

Audi Connect is supported further by additional in-cabin features like centre armrest wireless charging facilities, real-time hazard information, and 3D sound options. While some of those features are additional extras, they can be used to enhance the driving experience.

Find Your Dream Audi Today

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