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Posted:02 February 2018 | Category: Audi

What can you put on the Audi Virtual Cockpit?

Technology in tandem

Technology is part of everyday modern life and the Virtual Audi Cockpit offers all the features that you will need when connecting to the world around you whether it be through peripheral devices or through the integrated Audi system. The Audi interactive cockpit allows you to track a number of things, for example: Fuel consumption and mileage, driver assistance systems (such as traffic information) and all the media features. These are all featured extras for your car however some of the newer models have these included in the price tag. You can check out our range of new Audi vehicles here.

Audi’s Navigational prowess

The new Audi cockpit offers a top of the range satellite navigation system, this will not only provide with the fastest most direct route to your destination but it will also redirect your route if you are not already travelling in the fastest direction. It is important to note that all these features are very easily accessible throughout the car and the driver is given multiple ways to interact with the interface. The cockpit can be used by using an MMI dial, a voice control system or the multifunctioning steering wheel.

All of these features are available within a wide range of our vehicles. if you want to find out more about what you can put in your own virtual cockpit then feel free to contact us.