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Posted:02 August 2019 | Category: Audi,General

How Many Seats in Audi Q8?


At Sinclair Audi, we understand the importance of helping each and every customer find the right car to suit their needs. We appreciate that every customer will have different circumstances and priorities. Some may prize comfort and space, while others will be driven by performance. Some demand convenience and ergonomics while others need the peace of mind that comes with having the most cutting-edge safety features. 

When it comes to the Audi Q8 we regularly see interest in this vehicle from all kinds of customers. And it’s easy to see why. Combining the practicality of an SUV with the style and elegance of a coupe, the Q8 offers something for everybody. But is it enough to accommodate those with large families? We’re often asked how many seats it has and how it can suit those with varied needs. Let’s try and answer some of those questions right now...

How Many seats are there in the Audi Q8?

The Audi Q8 has 5 seats in total, although if you’re worried about space, fear not. The Q8 has been precision engineered to offer customers ample space so you’ll find great head clearance even if you’re very tall as well as ample leg room in the front and rear. And the generous rear seats are perfect for those with children from toddlers to teens and beyond.

What about boot space?

The Q8 has an extremely generous boot space of 605 litres even without the rear seats collapsed. This is usually more than enough to meet the needs of most customers and can even accommodate most bicycles and wheelchairs. 

And the engine?

Of course, as well as practical considerations like seating and boot space, it’s important to consider how well a vehicle will get you from A to B. But there are no worries on that score with the Q8. The 3.0 TDI engine has a mild hybrid system which produces 210 kW (286 hp). What’s more, the permanent quattro all-wheel drive and ground clearance of up to 254 millimetres (10.0 in) give this vehicle an off-road capability which belies its sporty looks.

Any other cool stuff I should know about?

Absolutely! The Audi Q8 comes with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital instruments are standard, allowing you to customise the information displayed in front of you. The Q8 also has a heated windscreen as standard as well as reversing camera and clever Matrix LED headlights for easy manoeuvring and visibility even in the dark. 

Is the Audi Q8 for me?

Some customers with families worry that the sleek, coupe-like looks of the Audi Q8 prevent it from being a practical family car, but nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you have a big family or a modest family with more on the way, there’s an excellent chance that the Q8 can meet your needs. 

Of course, the best way to answer this is to test drive one for yourself. 

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