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Posted:01 May 2019 | Category: Audi,Future models

New Top of Range Audi A6 & Audi A7 Switch from V8 Petrol to V6 Diesel Electric Hybrid

New Top of Range Audi A6 & Audi A7 Switch from V8 Petrol to V6 Diesel Electric Hybrid

As a sign of things to come in the car industry, Audi - one of the world’s largest luxury car makers - has confirmed that V8 petrol engines will no longer power its new top of the range Audi A6 and Audi A7 models. In a surprising announcement, both cars in future will now be V6 Diesel-electric hybrids.

The decision comes hot on the heels of the carmaker’s stated intention to move over to electric vehicles. Audi hybrid cars and Audi PHEVs are likely to be just stepping stones on the company’s journey to producing mass-scale electric cars in the future. So, does this signal the end of conventional petrol & diesel engines?

New V6 Diesel-Electric Hybrids

The Germany-based automaker will offer two new versions of the Audi plug-in hybrids for both the A6 and the A7. There will be a lower-powered option that will come with the “55 TFSI e” badge and a high-powered version with the “60 TFSI e” moniker.

The lower powered of the two options will feature a 291 bhp engine. The high-powered version of both cars will up the performance of the Audi hybrid cars to an impressive 426 bhp with a V6 engine.

426 bhp may seem like a considerable amount, but hybrid cars have an uncanny ability to pump out more power than people expect. The current crop of hyper cars, including the McLaren P1, all use hybrid engines to provide additional energy to the drive train.

Audi’s Commitment to Customers with the A6 And A7

Audi electric vehicles are yet to hit the mainstream. The company is biding its time before diving into that particular market, waiting for the technology to catch up. Right now, it’s promising customers that the A6 and A7 will provide a superior experience to any of the cars in that range before, thanks to the new customisability of the engine.

Audi says that it will supply the new cars with four engine settings on each model. It’s called these settings “dynamic,” “auto,” “comfort,” and “efficiency.” As you can probably guess, “efficiency” is all about providing drivers with maximum mileage, while “dynamic” is geared towards performance. “Auto” adjust to driver input. So, if you’re in a performance mood, the car will sense this and change aspects of the engine performance and suspension. Comfort is all about getting out of race mode and turning the vehicle into something that feels more like a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

What About Charging?

Audi electric car owners already benefit from the company’s network of chargers. And Audi says that owners of the new A6 and A7 will be able to use these chargers. Unfortunately, the company says that they will have to pay a fee, which is in line with the actions of other companies in the electric car sector. It looks like consumers are going to have to get used to paying for charging their vehicles, just as they pay for regular fuel.

Of course, nothing is stopping owners from charging their new hybrids at home or other public charging points. We wait with bated breath to see whether Audi can make performance hybrids a success.

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