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For that extra peace-of-mind, we offer a choice of new and used car warranties as even a car as reliable as your Audi can benefit from a little added protection.


All new Audi models are supplied with a three-year warranty as standard with a 60,000-mile limit in the third year.

You can extend this complimentary policy by upgrading to four or five years, which will provide comprehensive cover on a wide range of mechanical and electrical components for even longer.

Whatever your preferred term, you simply need to service your Audi according to our recommendations and adhere to the mileage set to maintain the warranty’s validity.

What’s more, if you sell your car before the end of your warranty, the policy is simply transferred to the new owner so they can continue to enjoy the same reassuring benefits as you.

3-year 60,000 mile Audi warranty
4-year 75,000 mile Audi warranty
5-year 90,000 mile Audi warranty
A1 No Charge £235 £500
A3 No Charge £245 £545
A4 No Charge £385 £905
A5 No Charge £535 £1,255
A6 No Charge £560 £1,355
A7 No Charge £730 £1,750
A8 No Charge £1,035 £2,555
Q3 No Charge £325 £745
Q5 No Charge £535 £1,255
Q7 No Charge £560 £1,335
R8 No Charge £1,035 £2,555
TT No Charge £385 £905


As and when your Audi warranty is about to expire, there is a very simple, hassle-free way of enjoying the peace-of-mind that it brings for longer.

An Audi extended warranty ensures that you can continue to benefit from our expert care should the need arise.

You have the flexibility to select your excess and the level of cover that suits your needs – Named Component or All Component Cover. Whichever one you choose, you can sit back and relax knowing that you will have continued access to our Audi-trained technicians and guaranteed use of Audi Genuine Parts should any warranty work be required.

If your Audi's warranty is about to expire we offer a range of products to ensure your peace of mind. You can get one of our extended warranties from as little as £21.00 per month or £197 per year.

Our Comprehensive cover provides the highest level of insured warranty protection. Some of the features and benefits of the policy include:

  • Comprehensive cover against the sudden mechanical or electrical failure of all factory fitted components on your Audi
  • Choice of annual or monthly cover (monthly cover available on unlimited mileage options only)
  • Choice of excess levels - £0, £100 or £250
  • Components which are excluded from cover are specified in your policy handbook

Maximum claim limit is the value of the vehicle at point of purchase of the policy (please note that this may be determined retrospectively at the time of the claim) Not available for vehicles with mileage over 100,000 miles (at the time of purchasing the warranty)

Simply contact your nearest Sinclair Audi centre for further details on Audi extended warranties.

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