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No-one takes greater care of your Audi and you than we do so if you want us to undertake a key maintenance job or diagnose a particular issue then you’ve certainly come to the right place.


As a matter of course, we’ll undertake a complimentary Health Check on your vehicle every time it comes into one of our Centres.

This quick safety inspection of key areas and will provide a snapshot of your car’s health and hopefully the peace-of-mind that everything is in order. Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green to indicate how urgent any work needed is.


Item requires immediate attention. We’ll advise what the issue is and most likely show you our Audi Cam technology so you can view online.


Item may require replacement in the near future. We’ll let you know a suitable follow up date and contact you at the appropriate time.


Your Audi is performing at its best.


We won’t just tell you when work is required, we’ll show you with Audi Cam. Should we need to bring an item or issue to your attention, our technicians will send you a video to show and explain what we have found. Using your computer or mobile device, you will be able to see what has been identified for yourself and authorise any work to rectify it if necessary and without delay – ensuring that you remain in complete control and are kept fully in the picture.

You can now book a service or MOT online or, if you prefer, simply contact your nearest Sinclair Audi centre using the relevant service number provided and they'll arrange a convenient time for you.

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