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Recommended Oil for your Audi

Find the right oil for your Audi

Audi recommend Castrol EDGE Professional

Audi work with Castrol to co-engineer engine oil to maximise performance and increase fuel economy of your Audi.

Your vehicle is designed to work at its optimum performance using Castrol EDGE Professional. This is why your vehicle is born with Castrol.

Audi recommend using Castrol EDGE Professional when you top up your oil level. Ask your local Audi Centre for the exact grade required for your car.

Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife III 5W-30

Castrol EDGE Professional with Fluid Strength Technology™ is Castrol's strongest and most advanced range of engine oils. Its unique adaptive strength reduces metal to metal contact across a range of different driving speeds.

Castrol EDGE Professional - lowers friction and maximises engine performance.

Sustained engine efficiency

Engine power and torque maintained between service intervals through sustained control of oil viscosity.

Helps cut the cost of running your Audi.

Co-engineered specifically for Audi's LongLife service interval.

Better for the environment

Castrol's Clean Performance Technology™ maintains the efficiency of exhaust equipment in reducing emissions.

1 in 3 cars need an oil top up. Does yours?

Check your oil level regularly to maintain engine performance between servicing. If necessary top up your oil.

  • With today’s demanding driving conditions, it is more vital than ever to check your oil regularly
  • If you wait until the oil light comes on it is often too late
  • Always top up with the correct specification of oil
  • Low oil levels or topping up with the wrong oil can potentially cause damage to your engine
  • Ask your dealer for a 1 litre top up kit to ensure you always have the right oil for your car

Topping up your oil

Ask your Audi dealer for a convenient top up kit for just £18.50. The kit includes a handy pouch, oil funnel, wipes, gloves and velcro fixings to keep it safe within your boot.

When topping up, it's essential to pour oil gradually and not top up with too much as it can cause engine damage. Check your dipstick to ensure you have sufficiently topped up your engine oil; this should be up to the maximum level indicator on your dipstick.

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