Audi tyres

Regular maintenance and correct replacement of your tyres is vital. They affect your car's acceleration, stopping distance, fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

To help maintain your tyres, our technicians will check the tread depth, pressure and condition of your tyres. If your tyres need to be replaced, we'll provide tyres of the same high quality as factory-fitted originals at competitive prices.

Audi replacement tyres

You can get a fully fitted replacement tyre quotation by simply entering your Audi registration, or choosing the exact tyre fitment required. You can do this by using our online tyre quotation service, or by contacting your local Audi Centre.

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Audi Genuine Tyres

Specially created for each Audi model and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria, Audi Genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet our exacting requirements.

To achieve the ‘AO’ marking for every model Audi Genuine tyres have to undergo around 50 performance criteria tests.

This is considerably more stringent than statutory tyre regulations.

Audi Genuine tyres are at the forefront when it comes to safety, comfort and driving on any road surface.

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