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Whatever job is required or becomes due, you can be confident that our workshop teams will carry them out expertly and to the highest standards possible.

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Recommended every two years, an air conditioning service ensures your comfort as well as perfect conditions inside your Audi.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the system and top-up the gas to check that all is operating as it should be.

Between services, we also offer an air conditioning refresh to maintain the purity and freshness of the air circulating within your cabin – an ultrasonic treatment that disinfects any microbial, fungal and bacterial particles.

Another breath of fresh air from Sinclair Audi is the inclusion of the air conditioning service within our Fixed Price Servicing menu. Competitive pricing to complement your all-year round comfort.

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The cambelt is one of the hardest-working components in your engine and it deteriorates over time due to its rubber-based construction. Should it snap, you will face not only the inconvenience of not only it being off the road but also a hefty repair bill.

With this in mind, it is imperative that your cambelt is checked and replaced every five years or as per the mileage detailed in your Audi service schedule – whichever comes first – to avoid any problems.

Book your cambelt replacement with Sinclair Audi and you can benefit from the job’s inclusion within our Fixed Price Servicing in addition to our free MOT for life offer.

*Privately owned Audi vehicles of any age or model. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Re-tests will be chargeable. The Offer only relates to the MOT test fee and does not include any subsequent part or labour costs required to repair the vehicle in order for it to pass the MOT or for any other reason. Excludes Northern Ireland (where MOT test preparation is available) and Channel Isles. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Free MOT can be redeemed at participating centres only. Contact your local Audi Centre to find out more.

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The brake fluid in your Audi absorbs moisture over time which means that it becomes less effective – resulting in increased stopping distances and reduced braking efficiency.

It’s therefore important that you have your brake fluid checked regularly and replaced as necessary – a job that we would be delighted to carry out under our great-value Fixed Price Servicing approach.

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Wear and tear breaks down the viscosity of transmission fluid, which vitally lubricates and cools the hard-working transmission system of your Audi. Over time, it becomes less effective and could potentially damage other components.

In order to savour the seamless gear changing of your Audi, please book your transmission fluid change every 38,000 as per your service schedule.

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AdBlue is a key ingredient in certain Audi diesel models system that helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. Like the oil in your engine, it needs to be kept at the right level.

Your car will alert you when you’re within 1,500 miles of requiring a top-up, so it’s essential this is done in order that your engine keeps operating as normal.

You can replenish the AdBlue tank yourself or bring your car into one of our Centres, where we’ll be happy to undertake for you.

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We know the workings of your car inside out so, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to bring it in for us to check and put your mind at rest.

With the most advanced equipment at their disposal, our experienced technicians will carry out a diagnostic investigation so we can identify and then resolve any issues.

Should we find anything, you can rest assured that we will contact you to discuss the next steps before any remedial work is done.

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As part of an unrivalled driving experience, your Audi’s S tronic transmission is engineered to deliver seamless gear changes.

It is essential that the transmission oil is changed no later than every 38,000 miles so that you can continue to savour continuous smooth running.

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You can now book a service or MOT online or, if you prefer, simply contact your nearest Sinclair Audi centre using the relevant service number provided and they'll arrange a convenient time for you.

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